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About My Doc

My Doc Urgent Care’s goal is to deliver fast, efficient and quality care to help our patients feel their best again. They provide services such as flu shot, urgent care, allergies, primary care, on-site labs, x-rays, cancer screening, and occupational medicine.

My Doc Urgent Care opened its doors in April 2017. Prior to My Doc, there was an urgent care at the same location that had been tarnished with a very negative reputation. Our objective was to:

  •  Clean up Google Search
  •  Create a Brand that patients Trust
  •  Increase the Daily Patient Count
Google My Business

Reputation Management

Upon starting with My Doc Urgent Care, the prior urgent care business had a very negative reputation.  Our primary job was to clean up the Google SERP.

After 6 months of intense clean-up online, we strategically implemented a technical and manual process to deprecate the old business SERP listings.


Local SEO

  • Over 10,000 Searches each month
  • Listing on Search 8.23K
  • Listing on Maps 4.92K


Avg # of monthly queries:

  • urgent care – 1,830
  • urgent care nj  – 740
  • urgent care near me – 714

To draw more traffic to the website, we implemented a Google Ads Campaign:

  •  Search Avg CPC: $1.85
  •  Display: CPC $1.50
  •  Video CPV: $.05
  •  2018 Total Impressions: 400,000


  • Email blasts are vital in keeping your patients top-of-mind of the practice.
  •  15% Open rate


  • Writing blogs help answer basic questions that patients might have before going to the clinic.

Social Media

  • The quickest way to connect with patients is Social Media–a networking medium. With a great profile on Facebook and Instagram, physicians are able to attract patients and also build a deep sense of trust.

Vanity Phone #

  • A vanity phone # (201) GET-WELL was purchased to  simplify the contact info.


  • A video is said to humanize clinical relationships and helps the healthcare community to associate with their patients in a better way.

Broadcast Television

  •  We advertised in Bergen County East and Passaic County, NJ
  •  2018 Impressions: 1,198,618
Comcast TV

Supermarket Advertising

  •  We designed and implemented an in-store display at the entrance of PriceRite in Garfield, NJ.
Price Rite

EDDM Mailers

  •  “USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size.”
  •  2,500 units were mailed in Garfield, NJ
EDDM Mailer


  •  Reviews are the lifeblood of your practice.
  •  It validates the fact that the practice focuses on quality care.
  •  By getting good reviews online, solidifies that Trust factor with new patients.
My Doc google reviews


Marketing and Advertising is an ongoing process especially in the urgent care business.  The mantra of “local domination” and by “seeing you everywhere” is the right strategy to follow in a competitive local market.

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