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Wingstop New Brunswick, NJ




About Wingstop New Brunswick, NJ

Wingstop is located at 396 George St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Since they opened, a strategic marketing initiative has been implemented to generate brand awareness and store traffic.

Grand Opening

  1. Prominent officials were invited to the Grand Opening.
  2. We sent out a street team to help promote the event.
    1. We also used the street team as an opportunity to promote our Jersey Wingstop’s catering menu.
    2. We implemented the street team to meet with local businesses, college areas, condo and apartment developments and train station foot traffic.
  3. We deployed a radio campaign with Hot97. The Radio Buy Included:
  • Pair (2) of tickets for Hot 97’s Hot For The Holidays at the Prudential Center.
  • 16 (Sixteen) :15 Commercials to air Fri- Sun 10/27-10/29 from 8am-12mid; 3 (Three) :15 Commercials to air Mon 10/30 from 10am-2pm; Van Appearance w/Street Team 12pm-2pm on 10/30
  • 5 additional mentions in ‘Here’s Whats Hot’ leading up to the grand opening.


Rutgers University Marketing

Rutgers Basketball Sponsorship

  • We used brand ambassadors with multiple giveaways including custom t-shirts, sunglasses, basketballs, free food, and bounce back coupons. We also utilized our custom plinko board to make it fun!
  • We sponsored a foul line backwards free throw during halftime. During the event, we negotiated a full court takeover of the digital signage.
  • If the backwards free throw was made, the winner would receive free wings for a year and $10,000 dollars cash.
  • We gave away 5 free wings to all attendees of the game that came into the store with a ticket stub.

Rutgers v Penn State Football

In celebration of Thanksgiving, the Wingstop on Wheels team distributed 4000 free wings to the fans of Rutgers Football.

We also advertised in the Rutgers Newspaper, The Daily Targum.

Rutgers Greek Life

  • We have worked with multiple fraternities and sororities to help increase catering and general customer counts.
  • Wingstop also donated 200 free wings to the brothers at Delta Chi Fraternity.

New Brunswick Direct Mailers

  • We deployed 10000 EDDM mailers throughout the city of New Brunswick.
  • We distributed the same flyer to all the local dorms by hand delivery.

Instagram and Facebook Marketing

We used social media for added brand recognition.

We ran Instagram and Facebook promoted posts to generate brand awareness for our flavors, events and specials.


As seen through our marketing and advertising campaign, Wingstop New Brunswick has ran a thorough brand awareness campaign within both the city of New Brunswick and with the students at Rutgers University.

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