Telecomm Case Study


Starcom Fiber


Professional Services

“Recently, StarCom Fiber LLC. just went live with our new website… and we couldn’t be HAPPIER! This web design perfectly shapes and brands our company with such a customized, unique look. The web page is not only exclusive, but it is easy to follow for our viewers.

If it wasn’t for Estro Communications we would be a little lost on our digital strategy. They gradually guided us to making our new web design, work for all of us as a whole company. May we also tell… that we can never have too many uplifting compliments because it is just perfect!! Lastly we would also like to thank Estro Communications with their responsive staff and helpful tips to turning our company into a successful visual experience.” Again, Thank you so much! –StarCom Fiber

Starcom Fiber is a telecommunications fiber optics cable company that provides customers with state of the art equipment and a workforce that delivers quality performance on every project.

Objective/Challenges Faced:
Updated an outmoded website built on HTML code.

The Starcom Fiber website was redesigned on a WordPress CMS. SEO Rules were followed and Google Analytics were embedded into the website.

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