CPG Case Study


Ramar Foods


CPG, Multicultural

Ramar Foods is the #1 Filipino Food Brand in America; their primary demographic is 95% Filipino.

Objective/Challenges Faced:
In order to scale and capture a larger market segment, Ramar needed a strategy to target Non-Filipinos for their ethnic foods.

This required educating and convincing audiences that did not typically eat Filipino Food—simultaneously not alienating their current ethnic customers.

Live PR Events
➢ Supported The Filipino Food Movement and Savor Filipino (owned events)
➢ Celebrity guests were asked to prepare Filipino Cuisine
➢ Multicultural Event Marketing and Digital Advertising was used in their media mix
➢ Ramar Foods became the Thought Leader in Filipino Cuisine by educating new consumers

Future Plans:
Multicultural Marketing Key Learnings
➢ Asian-American values play a significant role in purchases
➢ Food, Family, & Consumerism
➢ The multicultural market needs bilingual messaging
➢ An even split between native ethnic messaging and millennial messaging

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